Ildrad Zinthys
Ildrad Zinthys
Eldradd Cinthys
Aliases City of Bridges
Size Large City
Location Ghoper Forest, Tir'Ein
Ruler lilly-am-thirwyn
Population 23,300
Exports Bread, cheese, fruit,
grain, hides, timber,
vegetables, wines

Ildrad Zinthys (elven; Eldradd Cinthys), known as the City of Bridges, is the largest city in Tir'Ein. While the capital of the kingdom is Aelwyd, those without elven blood are forbidden from entering. Ildrad Zinthys serves as a diplomatic capital with foreign relations taking center stage in the city's politics.

Located deep in the north east of Ghoper Forest, Ildrad Zinthys holds the forest's beauty without the dangers found further in. The city sprawls across a section of massive mawrion tree roots creating a city scape that dramatically rises and falls necessitating the many bridges that have made the city famous. It is often considered one of the most beautiful cities in Nora. It has stood for over three thousand years and it continues to thrive. The city has the largest population of elves inside any city walls.

The city is extremely tolerant of animals roaming within. Many druids and their rangers keep animal companions that mingle with wizard familiars. Wild animals even scurry in and out of the city and all seem to behave with a strange calmness when amidst the metropolis.

Notable events include the Solvos city dance, Spirit Night (Malphir 25th), Gryth Day (Galven 30th) and the Ezaban Festival of Life (Kalmnis 16th).



Pont Arcane

Pont Dugaeth

Pont Llewyth


Castle Hedyn

see Castle Hedyn

Castle Hedyn is the city's castle in Pont Llewyth. It is said to be haunted at night as well as having a vast treasure hidden insude. The castle is guarded both by magic and by elven warriors.

Its features are slender towers, flying buttresses and sky bridges. The grounds of the palace are very large, containing hedge mazes, gardens, parks and lakes.

Myd Fountain

A white fountain. The fountain depicts birds, flowers, trees and other icons of nature.

Maiden's Bath

is a large temple and surrounding buildings. Its main building is topped by a dome and is split into areas dedicated to the worship of the individual gods, as well as a central chamber. The temple is set in parklands containing evergreen trees and poplars. Many sacred baths.

Its full name is the Untouchable Maiden's Sacred Bath, to represent Dhanni as an eternal virgin.


The sword grave of Ildrad Zinthys. This is where the greatest elven swordsmen are put to rest as well as a symbol of all slain elves. The ones who rest here are considered elven paragons and representative of all elven kind.

Once a year, the elven king travels to this shrine to visit and remember.

The Crooked Arrow

It is more rowdy than the norm for elven taverns.

The Shadowed Tower

The tower of the archmage or dynhysbys. Home of Archmage Athro.



Governance and Defense

The Six Halfhouses

Green Flight Dragoons

a flute that summons the spirit of a great green dragon.


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