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Race Succubus
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Hair Color Blonde
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Idalla is a succubus. She was discovered and rescued from imprisonment in the Veranix clanhold by Karwick.



The mad dwarf Arundil used every magical tool at his disposal to protect the complex. He not only animated objects and the bones of the dead but called upon more dangerous magic in his futile attempt to make the place safe. In the former chambers of a dwarf scholar, tucked away in the eastern end of the clanhold, he found a scroll that he tried to use to bind a fiend to his service.


The next room is the library. They walk in to find it also clean of dust. piles of books, neatly disorganized. candles burning. aeron blows out a candle. they hear a noise in the storage room, aeron goes in and finds a human girl in a torn dress. She is scared, but aeron calms her. Her name is Idalla and she is the prisoner of an evil wizard who is below with a great black beast. she is trapped in the library for an unknown amount of time.

aeron takes the gem of seeing and looks at the door for magic sigils, but finds none. Enni finds none as well. Karwick asks for the gem and looks at the Idalla and sees a demonic form. She sees him looking at her but he does not say anything.

Idalla suggests one of their party stay while the others go and defeat the wizard. Ula takes a liking to Idalla and volunteers to stay. Karwick objects, says is better to stay together. Aeron suggests Idalla rest while they all wait for the wizard to return to the library. She asks Ula to take her to bed, Karwick does not let them be alone.

Idalla excuses Ula and speaks to Karwick alone. Karwick is curious about her situation and she admits there was a wizard who summoned her, but is long dead. a ghost already defeated by aeron. Karwick says he will help her free in exchange for help with the dragon below. Idalla "Release me and I'll go". Karwick says he is not a violent person. Idalla "So, you're a lover, not a fighter" karwick bades her to keep distance, but she closes in and undoes her bodice string to reveal a silver nail in her chest.

"Don't make me regret this" says Karwick and he pulls the nail.

idalla poofs away.


wrmling i am one of your lost children

this is my servant

look that way"!

Powers and abilities


Idalla can change her shape into more than just humanoid forms.

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