location in nora
Capital Piros Barl
Largest City Morashu
Archduchy -
Kingdom Tir'Ein
Ruling House House of Skarkov
Demonym Ibbish
Formation ?
Area ?
Population -
Common Languages Common

Ibben is a duchy of Tir'Ein. It is just north of Erwynn and Coranthe, south of caer-duhbgar and west of Llygaid.

It is one of the historic Four Brothers Region, along with Erwynn, Coranthe and Brehr. Said to be the birthplace of arcane magic, Ibben has a magical tradition as long and glorious as it is dark and unscrupulous. It is also a land of mechanical wonderment.

Its capital city is Piros Barl located in the Vin-Roshu Hills.

The duke of Ibben is often referred to as Domnitor.

The leaders of individual cities are known as a judeţ (joo-detz) and they serve as both mayor, marshal and high judge.


The Gift of Magic

The Gift of Magic is the event in which the last kings of Tir Maith presented Barazad the Evoker, Domnitor of Ibben with the black-grimoire, the First Grimoire.

Rebellion of the Yellow Sashes

Fall of Castle Darkspire



Hills and scrubland mark the center of Ibben.

Mt. Alba

Vin-Roshu Hills

A dirgeland.

Delyk Draeth Bay

A bay where aquatic elves are found.

Annwynseth Islands


The center of Nora's artificer activity.

Rotting Hills

Home of a large number of troglodytes.

Terci Marsh

Giant frogs are found here. Though it is said that the normal sized ones are quite tasty. Also bullywugs.


A blasted area of howling winds and biting dust. It is here that the majority of Ibben's Izolat dark wizards may be found.

Mt. Viers


  • Chaudron (Large City): Town of hot springs.
  • Dragoneve (Large City): Port city. Watchmakers. A revolving clockwork city. Home of a school of artificers. Plagued with gremlins.
  • Estabrook (Small City)
  • Magara (Small City): Port City.
  • Morashu (Large City): City has a large orrary in the center, as well as a clocktower.
  • Orasaca (Small Town): Wizard's tower is found here.
  • Piros Barl (Large City)
  • Telmutura (Large City): An ancient city. Citizens used to worship the denizens of Dar-Kunor. Was once the major city in the Rebellion Era. Famous temple.



Chec is a type of pastry resembling a crumbly cake with white frosting.


Automata Wastes

Located in the middle of the salt flats, this area is the inevitable resting place of failed artificer experiments, golems, contraptions and automatons.


A orc town built around a massive black rock shaped like a skull. It is home to the Wyvern's Sting Clan of orcs. Their leader is the shaman, Ciranatha the Black Mother.

Castle Darkspire

see Castle Darkspire


An old temple taken over by bullywugs.

The Deep Caves

This is the center of troglodyte activity. They house a being of great power and worship it as a god.



Orcs all over; dungeon in the swamps
Gnolls in the south and west.
Bullywugs along the coast; dungeon in the swamps
Troglodytes all over; dungeon in the eastern hills
Ogres in the Vin-Roshu Hills and eastern hills
Naga in swamp
Frost Giants on Mt. Viers
Undead in Vin-Roshu Hills
Dragons in the Wheel of Fire
Athachs in the eastern hills
Bulletts in the west
Hippogriff in the eastern hills
Mironel in the west
Aquatic Elves in the shores
Sea Cats in eastern shores
Trick sparrows all over

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