House vel'Läufen
House vel'Läufen
Coat of Arms ?
Words Gods, Family, Fatherland
Seat Straussheim
Current Patron Balduin vel'Laufen IV
Region Westencairn
Title(s) Keepers of the Western Empire
Heir Rikhard vel'Laufen II
Overlord House of Alexandru
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder ?

House vel'Läufen (LAU-fn) is the house of Karolis vel'Laufen IV, the Duke of Westencairn.

The Blood Wings are the symbols of the house. This has its origins in the myth of the house's founding where a raging warrior sprouted wings made of blood while in his battle fury.

An extremely wealthy house due to their fields and access to major crossroads.

A traditionally religious house, always close to the Church of Light.




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