House Therosin
House Therosin
Coat of Arms Or, a tree, dexter pert, sinister gules
Words We Know
Seat Whitelily, Coranthe
Current Patron -
Region Coranthe
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord -
Cadet Branches House Leociel
Ancestral Weapon Monstretolir
Founder Theoson I

House Therosin were the rulers of the Kingdom of Coranthe during the Four Brothers Era.

Ancestral Sword

Monstretolir was the first blade to be forged from adamantine.


House Therosin during the early Four Brothers Era


  • Morgan de'Ragar; Personal attendant to Queen Echo.
  • Ser Varazes Lexius the True; Adviser to King Soren and diplomat. Is known for his sterling reputation and lowborn origins.
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