House Sollyn
House Sollyn
Coat of Arms Yellow sun on red
Words Unrelenting
Seat Ryke
Current Patron Arasia the Bloodwolf
Region Kingdom of Brehr
Title(s) ?
Heir Arason the Render
Overlord None
Cadet Branches House Havoc
House Áráedan
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder Fallard Blackwolf

House Sollyn of Ryke is one of the Great Houses of Nora and the principal noble house of the Kingdom of Brehr; many lesser houses are sworn to them. They ruled as Kings of Summer and Wardens of the South. Their seat, Rogendig, is an ancient castle renowned for its strength. Members of the family tend to be lean of build and long of face, with dark brown hair and grey eyes.

They are descended from the great warlord, Fallard Blackwolf. House de'Ragar were once loyal bannermen of the house before they split off to join the Kingdom of Erwynn.


Main Line during the Four Brothers Era


  • Maester Degore Havoc, maester of House Sollyn.
  • Cassius Algôl, chancellor.
  • Bel the Butcher; enemy of Erwynn
  • Hardegin Eight-fingers; ugly and deformed brawler. Immune to pain.
  • Serell the Wolfmaster; wolf master of Brehr. Keeps the royal kennels. Some say he transforms into a wolf at the full moon.
  • Antyllus the Alchemist.
  • Mae, a handmaiden
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