House Sollemnus of Owlhold
House Sollemnus of Owlhold
Coat of Arms Argent, a crowned owlbear,
rampant, vert
Seat Owlhold
Current Patron King Albor I Sollemnus
Region Wynfall
Title(s) Lord of Wynfall
Heir ?
Overlord none; Sovereign
Founder Albor I Sollemnus
(277 PI)

House Sollemnus of Owlhold is the royal line of House Sollemnus of Morgard, from which it comes. It was founded by Albor I Sollemnus after his overthrow of the Stag Lord. The house received much support from House Alija of Hamerstoc in its early years.



House Sollemnus of Owlhold

Other branches

House Sollemnus of Morgard


Court under Albor I

During the reign of King Albor I Sollemnus

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