House Sollemnus
House Sollemnus
Coat of Arms Argent, rampant bear vert
Words "We Can Bear Any Burden"
Seat Morgard
Current Patron Lady Sabina Sollemnus
Region ?
Title(s) ?
Heir Lars Sollemnus
Overlord House Sorensval
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon Vanskelig
Founder ?

House Sollemnus is a Sofian noble house, tracing its roots back to the Aquarian Empire. The house is based to the south on Fetch Lake in Otland, controlling the plains and significant portions of the lake's shipping. They are considered to be the Otlandic noble family that bridges the kingdom with the Lyantine Empire, having significant Sofian blood, an appreciation for fine things, and a love of sword fighting.

Their castle, Morgard looks over the lake and is where the family maintains its power. They control the shipping on the lake; their business of being brokers and merchants linking the north and south of Otland has made them rich. They own their own fleet of ships.

Lady Sabina Sollemnus currently leads the house as regent until her son Lars Sollemnus comes of age. The oldest child, Emilia Sollemnus, is the house's representative in Nyothrond; rumors say she is trying to arrange a marriage with the king.

The house's enemies for the past two centuries have been House Medvyed.

Members of the Zolmir family can trace their lineage to this noble house.


Fall of Aquaria

Control of the Lake

Woad's Invasion


The members of House Sollemnus have declared that their sigil, the green bear, has been a symbol of the family since before their entrance into Otlandic politics. Despite the claim that the Otlandic heraldic system was unknown to the Aquarian or Lyantine Empires, the house holds that their use of the green bear predates the adoption of the black antlered bear used by House Medvyed, a famously old doliaeth family.

Of course, House Medvyed disputes this claim. The differing claims on this dispute helps to fuel the rivalry between their houses.

Family Members

Third Century PI



The ancestral blade, Vanskelig, has been missing for the last hundred years. Legend has it that the blade can change shape from a dagger, to a longsword, to a massive greatsword. It is said to be so powerful that it cut the tops off of three mountains in the eastern Wyrmspires.

Curse of Iron

An ancient curse beset on the House; all members of the family will not be allowed a natural death, each life taken by iron.

Lord Karl Sollemnus was killed when an iron chandelier fell on him.

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