House Routronia
House Routronia
Coat of Arms ?
Words With sword and flame
(Med svärd och eld)
Seat Nyothrond
Current Patron ?
Region Otland
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord None; Soveriegn
Cadet Branches House Storatorn
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder Woad the Conqueror

House Routronia was the royal house of Otland. The house was founded by the descendants of Woad the Conqueror and Myrna Routronia, daughter of Nikos Sorensval. Woad united Rostland and Issia into the kingdom of Otland after invading from Midgard, accompanied by dragons. Most members of the House, including King Urzen Routronia, disappeared mysteriously in 287 PI, in an event called the "Vanishing". Their loss is not greatly mourned by the Otlandic people and loyalists are calling for an investigation instead of blind allegiance to noleski-i-sorensval, who declared himself king.

The House built the Ruby Fortress in Nyothrond on the shores of Lake Reykal as their stronghold. The Routronias were known to be ruthless rulers who did their best to hold Otland's disparate houses and factions together.

House Routronia has claimed that red dragon blood runs through their veins, giving them magical strength.


Death of Prince Ulrik

The Vanishing

In 287 PI, all members of House Routronia vanished. Hinder Grassen's son disappeared in the Vanishing along with all the klann-schwarzhaar dwarves, deep inside the dwarven hold within the Wyrmspire Mountains.


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