House Redletter
House Redletter
Coat of Arms Argent, pall gules,
letter R dexter gules
Words "The Clever Outpace the Strong"
Seat Bane Hill
Current Patron Lord Jethon Redletter
Region Kingdom of Ibben
Title(s) ?
Heir Lucien Redletter
Overlord House d'Avespeare
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon Nightmare
Founder ?

House Redletter is a major house of the Kingdom of Ibben. Though sworn to House d'Avespeare, the two houses often take an antagonistic stance with each other. House Redletter, nonetheless, is diligent in keeping the kingdom's secret libraries, housing magical tomes and scrolls, as well as major (if non-magical) treatises of knowledge.

The members of the house and their servants have a high rate of literacy, with very few under their banner still illiterate. The house keeps many scribes who tirelessly copy manuscripts for their archives.

Many members of the house are also pious and honor the gods. Quite a few members take up the mantle of a godsworn. Members of the house are known to inspire service to the gods in others. The house also sponsors traveling evangelists.

Members of the house tend to keep to themselves, locked up in their libraries. The house has long searched for the method of immortality. Some other houses even whisper that they have already found it.


Main Branch in the Four Brothers Era

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