House Ostwyrt
House Ostwyrt
Coat of Arms Azure, an arch or above a fish argent
Words First the Foundation, Then the Structure
Seat Goldwater
Current Patron Warryn Ostwyrt
Region Kingdom of Brehr
Title(s) Gatekeepers of Brehr
Heir Odyn Ostwyrt
Overlord House Sollyn
Cadet Branches House Gavith
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder ?

House Ostwyrt was a major house of the Kingdom of Brehr. They were the richest house of Brehr and often did business with other kingdoms. They were merchants, historians and strategists. However, some said their reputation as historians and merchants merely served to mask what they really were - spies. Members of House Ostwyrt were required for inter-kingdom trade, but their presence in other's keeps was always nervously accepted. Their house watched over the eastern parts of Brehr, where roads lead into their kingdom. As such, they were viewed as the Gatekeepers of Brehr.

House Stormshield looks over Rivertown in their service.


Death of Isem Ostwyrt

Lord Isem Ostwyrt was killed by magical fire from the hands of a black maester. His son, Heymon Ostwyrt took on his duties.

Later Haymon's son, Warryn Ostwyrt became Lord of House Ostwyrt.


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