House of Savich
House of Savich
Coat of Arms ?
Words "Walk the Curved Path"
Seat Yorik
Current Patron Johan Savich
Region Lencast, Ilefain
Title(s) ?
Heir Horats Savich
Overlord ?
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder Alamon Savich

House of Savich (sa-FISH) is one of the four great houses of Yorik. They specialize in the lumber industry.

Some have rumored that the house has ties with the Nightsong.


Alamon Savich

Attempted to run for mayor but was not voted in.

Titus Savich's death


Descendants of Titus Savich by Gwendy Ruinart

Descendants of Titus Savich by Anna Savich

  • Horats Savich, a skilled soldier in the Severing War. Nicknamed "Horry Hell" by his troop mates.
    • Léonce Steel, bastard son of Horats by way of a camp follower.
  • Theodoor Savich, killed in the Severing War.
  • Yoran Savich, killed in the Severing War.
  • Hadriana Thul; went to war, but fell in love with Rötger Thul, a Vathroni soldier and married him. She now fights for the Brotherhood. Titus has disowned her from the family.

Extended family


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