House of Rietdekker
House of Rietdekker
Coat of Arms ?
Words ?
Seat Rogendig, Ilefain
Current Patron Sir Lord Roland Rietdekker
Region Brehr
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord ?
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder Wilhelm Orchammer

House of Rietdekker (REE-deker) is the house of the Duchy of Brehr. It is a relatively new noble house, gaining the position of Duke only three hundred years ago after the Orcwars. The house was awarded due to the heroic actions of Wilhelm Orchammer the Great Hero of the Orcwars. After his death at the end of this period, the house was given to his first son, Han Rietdekker.

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