House of Purple
House of Purple
Coat of Arms Purpure, ourboros argent
Words "Forever Purple, Forever!"
Seat Purple Hall, Castle Parch
Current Patron rupert-purple-v
Region Leuvéne
Title(s) Warden of the Coranthian Wood
Sentry Against the Horde
Heir Samuel Purple
Overlord House de'Chantfeu
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon Orcsnapper
(vorpal bastard sword)
Founder ?

The House of Purple has played a central role is the political life of Nora since before Alexander. They have intermarried with the royal lines of the Second House of Alexander, House of Alexandros and House d'Falaven.

They have a business relationship with the Canstian House of Etheria, which is another magebreeding house.

Their canon is dark hair, long life, and beautiful flawless features.



The family grew into prominence due to their heavy involvement in the Orcwars and having three Purples (including Lord Joulan Émile ab Purple) being considered some of the wars's greatest heroes.


The house is known for their magebreeding techniques. They continue to be the leaders in the field. Horses and dogs.

Associated Organizations

Red Gate Society

The Harlequins

see Harlequins


Purple Hall

Castle Parch



Defiant's Garden


Redroof Manor

White City


Also residences in Calori, Teralim, Point Meridian, Nesebe.


The house owns five airships. Their fastest is the Iconoclast. Also in their fleet is the Ecclesia.


Cousins to the Main Line

House of Purple of Alexandria

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