House of Hawthorne
House of Hawthorne
Coat of Arms should be gold and black
Words "Rise above"
Seat Hawthorne, Ten Horns
Current Patron William Hawthorne
Region Ten Horns
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord House of Alexandros
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon Praxis (spear)
Founder Hugues Hawthorne

The House of Hawthorne is a member of the Alexandrian Lords Premier. They are known patrons of the arts and education. They also are patrons of peace and their family members are famously skilled diplomats. Many Hawthornes are animal lovers, and many have gone into animal trading either for career or hobby. Not many do breeding, more rearing and trading domestic livestock. Exotic animals are left for more adventurous houses. They hold the annual Royal Fox Hunt in the King's Forest.

One member of the Hawthorne house is the only continental gorgon rancher.

Cannon includes golden hair.


Aran Alexander was at first betrothed to a man she fancied, but after he died to battle, she was at first betrothed to the son of Lord Hawthorne, but was then betrothed to the Prince of Ilefain. She did not wish to marry him or go to Ilefain and died a virgin on the road to the wedding. Her body was returned to Alexandria. She was immortalized in the tragic play "The Suitors of Aran Alexander" by Lord Stratford.

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Cadet branches

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