House of Grey Veils
the House of Grey Veils

The House of Grey Veils is a large cathedral in White City, serving two purposes. First it is a temple to Damien, god of death. Second, it is a gaol for those who have been sentenced to capital punishment through ritualistic means to make sure they are not resurrected. This is a fate only for the most heinous of criminals due to the unknown possible ramifications of such a sentencing.

The House's templars are the Shields of the Red Waters, who serve as priests, guards, wardens and executioners.




Notable Prisoners

Prisoner Current Status Crime(s)
Kyrstan Bellenar Imprisoned Murder, conspiracy, sedition, demonology
James and Susan Colwynn Executed by ordeal in 1354 Multiple murders
John Hammundy Imprisoned Murder, rape, torture, demonology
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