House of Foxglove
House of Foxglove
Coat of Arms Augles fox rampant on vert
Words ?
Seat Jaress
Current Patron Aldern Foxglove
Region Coranthe
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord House of Purple
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder ?

The House of Foxglove is a failing minor noble house with only one last scion on which the future of the family rests. Aldern Foxglove is all that is left from three hundred years of nobility.

The foxgloves are notable for the breeding of their foxhounds, which have pure white coats. Aldern's foxhound, Rufus is the last of his breed.


Vorel Foxglove

He and his family died in 1315 NS from Vorel's phage.


Family Tree

Notable Ancestors

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