House of Etheria
House of Etheria
Coat of Arms ?
Words "Hope is the foundation"
Seat Vindina, Canstice
Current Patron Martino Etheria
Region Deipero, Canstice
Title(s) ?
Heir Galvano Etheria
Overlord ?
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon (bladed gauntlet)
Founder ?

House of Etheria is a ducal noble house of Canstice. Many members are magically inclined. They are historically a patron of the Compass Society.

magebreeders of silver lions



Martino came into power after the deaths of his elder four brothers.

Gregorio died in the mid 1370s.


  • Martino Etheria; ruthless duke, never trained in magic but is politically skilled, married to Dorotea Etheria (nee il'Fiammone), cousin to the King of Canstice.
    • Galvanus Etheria, was born in 1348 NS; wizard with fearsome reputation
    • son
    • son
    • son died in fire
    • son with knack for inventions
    • priestess of kalabrath
  • female member of compass society, interested in arctic, ice wizard
  • female astronomer
  • Torturer and executioner, king's justice for Canstice. psychology major
  • Martino's father, now senile
  • Gregorio Etheria; Martino's cousin; loves zamunda, great hunter.
    • empathetic
    • compass society member,
    • female compass member; snake charmer, sexy.
  • male diseased appearance.
  • Gregorio's brother. charmer. powerful spellcaster
  • Treasurer of canstice, lucky
  • female warrior; strong; boorish.


  • Zamundian mistress of Martino
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