House of Etheria
House of Etheria
Coat of Arms ?
Words "Hope is the foundation"
Seat Vindina, Canstice
Current Patron Martino Etheria
Region Deipero, Canstice
Title(s) ?
Heir Galvano Etheria
Overlord ?
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon (bladed gauntlet)
Founder ?

House of Etheria is a ducal noble house of Canstice. Many members are magically inclined.

magebreeders of silver lions



Martino came into power after the deaths of his elder four brothers.

Gregorio died in the mid 1370s.


  • Martino Etheria; ruthless duke, never trained in magic but is politically skilled, married to Dorotea Etheria (nee il'Fiammone), cousin to the King of Canstice.
    • Galvanus Etheria, was born in 1348 NS; wizard with fearsome reputation
    • son
    • son
    • son died in fire
    • son with knack for inventions
    • priestess of kalabrath
  • female member of compass society, interested in arctic, ice wizard
  • female astronomer
  • Torturer and executioner, king's justice for Canstice. psychology major
  • Martino's father, now senile
  • Gregorio Etheria; Martino's cousin; loves zamunda, great hunter.
    • empathetic
    • compass society member,
    • female compass member; snake charmer, sexy.
  • male diseased appearance.
  • Gregorio's brother. charmer. powerful spellcaster
  • Treasurer of canstice, lucky
  • female warrior; strong; boorish.


  • Zamundian mistress of Martino
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