House of Barrik
House of Barrik
Coat of Arms ?
Words ?
Seat Melinir
Current Patron Lady Arteris Barrik
Region Taurania
Title(s) ?
Heir Edgur Barrik
Overlord ?
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder ?

House of Barrik (beh-REEK) is the ruling house of Taurania.

The house is renowned for being dragonslayers, but one of the previous matrons was seduced by a dragon, had a half-dragon child who was a famous bastard.


When the Dark Empire fell, Duke Barrik ruled from the predecessor of Barrik's Keep (and both Torlynn and Melinir), Barrik Castle and Barriktown. He had surviving successors that built Barrik's Keep. Duke Barrik's family was close to the House d'Falaven, because the eldest prince (and heir to the throne) was betrothed to one of the duke's daughters.

The loss of Barrik Castle was a sign that there was some political upheaval after the loss of the entire royal family. The Goblin Wars would not have been such a disaster if there was a still functioning political system. Tthe king would owe the duke protection as much the duke owes the king tithe, taxes, arms and service. If a royal family and entire dutchy was threatened, and kingdom's army would likely be dispatched to support and defend. The lack of support was because there was no king at the time, and no clear heir to the throne. The armies of the kingdom may have been engaged in battles for succession.

The total disappearance of Barrik Castle after the goblin war frightened the remaining populace. This obviously magical event could not have helped relations between the fighters and wizards.

Dwarves may well be allies out of an ancient oath of debt after a Barrik knight slew a dragon inhabiting the dwarves' mines, perhaps? why not with my grandfather? Make it a more recent thing to tie it in more strongly to current events. Heck, could be the dragon that was slain had a sibling or mate that's out for revenge.

This family seems tied to dragons, whether they like it or not. a number of times dragon blood has come into their line. Probably different types. Like, they run into a lot of dragons in general.

Barrik’s Keep

Built upon the ruins of Duke Barrik’s Castle, which was destroyed back in the goblin wars, Barrik’s Keep itself now finds itself in shambles after the death of the wizard who made his home there. Recently, the keep has become the home of various sinister creatures. It is located just north of Torlynn.

House Members

  • Sir Gustavar Barrik: He's an extreme traditionalist that may or may not have tried to smother my character as a baby due to his dragonblood, and while the old man has calmed down over time he's somewhat senile. He occastionally halucinates ancient battles and has been known to wander the home estate in full armor, carrying his sword and leading his hunting dog around in search of "dragons".
    • Lady Arteris Barrik (born 1329); head of the family and a highly capable wizard. A quick witted woman with a mind for strategy in both the military and political arenas.
    • Sir Hawkin Barrik (born 1327); formerly of House of Caetano; He's a largely silent and honorable fellow he measures all of his actions carefully. A very shrewd political mover who, despite probably not intentionally doing so, tends to view people in terms of pieces on a game board than as actual people. Fond of games, but not ones of chance.
      • Viranna Barrik (born 1347); She's nominally in charge of House Barrik's knights with Ferard not being present. She has a rather cold and calculating mind, mixed in with a spark of playful snark and an enjoyment of testing people's own calm. Where her father likes predicable games of the mind, she prefers games of chance. She's protective of most of her family, even Ferard.
      • Sir Ferard Barrik (born 1347); Powerful warrior, and borderline sadist. Honorable, in his way, but a horrific event in his youth when he was captured and tortured by goblins has left him somewhat unhinged and prone to fits of rage. His raw skill in battle, however, completely overshadows any embarrassment to the family his abrasive personality might cost.
      • Hannah Barrik (born 1349), who sort of fits into the classical middle-child role of being nearly invisible. She's quiet, unassuming, doesn't talk much, and seems determined to blend into the background. Perhaps she's hiding something?
      • Edgur Barrik (born 1355); Good natured by very egotistical, largely due to the fact that the family's ancestral sword, a magical legacy blade, bonded to him over the older son, Ferard. He believes himself destined for greatness, but usually won't shut up about it. It helps that he's talented, and again, a good kid at heart, but he's got a head the size of a small continent.
      • Yvonne Barrik (born 1358), a rambunctious fire sorceress who likes to tease Valdann about his draconic heritage, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that her own sorcerous powers might stem from a similar source, but she has no clear draconic traits to make it obvious. Despite her teasing nature, she's probably the one who's nicest to Valdann, who has protected her from bullies who would tease her when they were both children.
    • Ashlund Barrik (1334); brother of Arteris. Married a noble from an allied family and is well known as the man largely in charge of House Barrik's finances and economic ventures. An affable socialite who drinks often, and has a sharp tongue. His japes are a thing of legend in the family.
    • Galindria Barrik (born 1337), the one who his uncle married. Not sure what family she's form yet, but she's rumoered to be a somewhat crazy "socercerss" (who's more likely a warlock of nihal) who basically acts like a nutty, entirely too friendly crazy lady. Think Pinkie Pie when she's off her meds. She's the sort that'll hug you and the make an off hand comment about how lovley you'd look if in the process of rigor morits.
      • Torak Barrik (born 1361), the son of the aforementioned uncle/aunt. He's a upstanding warrior and compeitor with Ferard in terms of swordsmanship. They've been classically rivals since childhood. His competitive nature extends to the rest of the family as well.


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