House Medvyed
House Medvyed
Coat of Arms Gules, antlered bear
rampant sable
Words Endurance Overcomes All
Seat Akmensvar
Current Patron Gurev Medvyed
Region Rostland, Otland
Title(s) ?
Heir Ogier Medvyed
Overlord House Sorensval
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder ?

House Medvyed is a Doliaethi noble house of Otland. It is notable as the only such house amidst a court of Midgardian houses and the Medvyed's rivals, the Sofian House Sollemnus.

The westernmost house, Medvyed claims lands nestled against the Lune Mountains and the Gyventi Forest, and rules them from the fortress of Akmensvar in the lower peaks. They are a hardy folk, raisers of mountain goats and sheep, hunters in the Gyventi Forest, and cultivators of what good land can be found on the edges of their harsh territory. The Medvyeds and their people hearken back to the “Old Ways” of worshiping nature in its myriad forms. Isolated forest and mountain shrines to Kalabrath (and, it is rumored, Shaydis) are more common than temples of Verai Songbird or Ornus.

Lord Gurev Medvyed loves to hunt, ride, and feast with his men, and dotes on his wife and children.

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