House il'Fiammone
House il'Fiammone
Coat of Arms Gules, a chev reversed or,
flame argent above
Words "Our Fire Burns Forever"
Seat Calori, Canstice (official)
Flute, Canstice (de facto)
Current Patron angelo-iii
Region Kingdom of Canstice
Title(s) ?
Heir Sandrin il'Fiammone
Overlord High Crown of Nora
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon Last Letter
Founder ?

House il'Fiammone (il-FIA-moh'nee) is the current Canstian royal house. The family has a reputation for their natural sense of music and dance.


Battle of the Shadow Bridge

Volusian, archmage of Calori, warned the royal family of an incoming disaster the morning of the day of the battle. The royal family evacuated the Palazzo Cavalli and were teleported to Flute. They took semi-permanent residence in the Flute royal residence, the Castello di il'Fiammone.


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