House il'Berzanti
House il'Berzanti
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House il'Berzanti is a fallen noble house that was once the house of the Duke of Erdrafos.


Fall of Castle Orsebrun

In 1347, The Grand Duke, Antoni il'Berzanti, was overthrown by the house of his wife, Martha il'Comelli. Martha, was killed in the ensuing violence, but the duke was able to escape with his child, Leonardo il'Berzanti.


  • Antoni il'Berzanti; (?-1357 NS), married to Martha il'Berzanti
    • Leonardo il'Berzanti; born 1347 NS
    • Sasha il'Berzanti; born 1353 NS

Past Members

Ferdinand il'Berzanti

Castle Orsebrun was built for him.

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