House es'Orñelos
House es'Orñelos
Coat of Arms A dragon argent segreant
regardant wielding a
longsword on a field
of Gules
Words "As Here, Everywhere"
Seat Los Torres, Ilefain
Current Matron Seska Materez
Region Salvatore
Title(s) ?
Heir Antonia es'Orñelos
Overlord ?
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon Cortadora (longsword)
Founder ?

House es'Orñelos is a noble house seated in Los Torres, Salvatore. Their ancestral home is the Casa es'Orñelos.

Canon includes light skin, dark hair and hooked nose.



Main Line

Tophas's Line

Tadeo III's Line

Notable Ancestors

Artephius es'Orñelos

see Artephius es'Orñelos

Founder of the Acadamae.

Eleanor es'Orñelos

see Eleanor es'Orñelos

Archduchess married to Archduke Guillem es'Andoval.

Tophas es’Orñelos-Mirez

see Tophas es'Ornelos

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