House es'Andoval
House es'Andoval
Coat of Arms ?
Words "Passion and Purity"
Seat Los Torres
Current Patron Ileosa of Arcamino
Region Arcamino
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord House de'Chantfeu
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon Furia (rapier)
Founder ?

House es'Andoval is the ruling noble house of Arcamino. They are centered in Los Torres.

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Ancestral Weapon

Furia is a dancing icy burst adamantine rapier

House Arabasti is that most unusual of things—a royal family without a noble title. Indeed, the Thrice Damned House of Thrune has never once acknowledged the monarch of Korvosa as anyone other than the mayor of a small colony in the wilderness.

The Arabasti dynasty has ruled Korvosa as mayors and then as monarchs since the death of Aroden a hundred years ago, but the family has had trouble producing a stable line of succession. Their perpetual search for heirs and the often untimely deaths of their monarchs have led many to believe that the Arabastis are suffering under some sort of curse.
Lord Arbust, the Founder

Arbust Arabasti arrived in Korvosa in AR 4606, shortly after the death of Aroden and the outbreak of the Chelaxian civil war. It was a time of great uncertainty within the city and in Cheliax, but also a time of opportunity. Arbust arrived as a partisan of the upstart House Thrune, hoping to build a fortune in trade that could aid the Thrune’s chances for victory and elevate the Arabastis to noble status.

Unfortunately for Arbust, Cheliax’s chaos created several dilemmas in Korvosa, and the large profit he hoped to make there collapsed around him. Desperate to recoup some of his losses, Arbust remained in Korvosa and quickly insinuated himself into its politics. A strident voice for loyalty to Cheliax, Arbust won election as Lord Mayor after his chief rival Chadris Porphyria died suddenly during a political rally. Arbust proceeded to steer a steady course for Korvosa during the turbulent years of the civil war and rapidly became mayor-for-life.
Eodred I, the First King

Arbust was succeeded as Lord Mayor in AR 4624 by his son, Eodred, who proved even more effective and charismatic than his father. When voices in the crowds at city gatherings began to call him “king,” the rest of the city soon followed suit. After much discussion, the noble houses finally agreed that granting a royal title to the leader of Korvosa would make the monarch (and thus the city) seem more impressive in the eyes of Cheliax and the victorious House Thrune. Lord Eodred became King Eodred I in AR 4644 and assumed the Crimson Throne, the newly crafted royal seat bearing the colors of the Korvosan flag.
Cardraith, the Unworthy

After ruling as Lord Mayor and then as King for 33 years, Eodred I died childless in AR 4657. The Crimson Throne passed to his spoiled and hated adolescent nephew, Cardraith. His short reign, marked by bizarre proclamations that punished everyone from accomplished soldiers to beautiful women, ended in 4661, when young Cardraith died of a mysterious fit. With his death, it seemed, the Arabasti dynasty in Korvosa had come to an end.

Into the ensuing political vacuum stepped Chadris III, grandson of Arbust’s competitor. His greatest accomplishment was exceeding Cardraith in incompetence.
Domina, the Great

Korvosa’s first and only Porphyrian monarch’s rule was cut short, however, by the unexpected arrival of an heir to the Arabasti line: Domina Arabasti. A distant relative of the family’s Chelaxian line who had learned of her “royal” lineage, Domina sailed into Conqueror’s Bay at the head of a small fleet of black-sailed Chelaxian frigates in AR 4667. She swiftly removed “King” Chadris and exiled the Porphyria family from Korvosa.

Queen Domina’s rule saw improved relations with Cheliax, as the brutally efficient queen had lived much of her life in the devil-worshiping empire. Trade increased several hundred fold as her family’s connections led numerous Egorian-based companies to establish colonial branches in Korvosa. She used this influx of wealth to fund a massive building spree throughout the city, giving rise to the Great Tower, the refurbished temple of Asmodeus, Citadel Vraid, Domina’s Wall, and the foundation of the Pantheon of Many. Korvosa looks back on her reign as a golden age and considers her its most successful monarch.
Eodred II, the Saffron King

Domina had arrived in Korvosa with her adult son Arkapallus, who swiftly took the name Eodred to ingratiate himself with the citizenry. After his mother’s death in AR 4686, he assumed the Crimson Throne as King Eodred II. Although he continued Queen Domina’s policy of spending the city’s funds, he tended to use the treasury to fund his personal decadent lifestyle rather than build anything lasting. During his first three years on the throne, he did wind down several expensive public works projects from his mother’s era to allow the depleted city coffers to recover—and to enable him to pursue his at times unwholesome appetites.

It was an open secret that King Eodred II built himself a harem of girls and women of every race and varying degrees of willingness and he showed no interest in marriage. As he grew old, he became suddenly desperate for an heir and visited his menagerie of beauties with ever greater frequency, yet none bore him a child.

It was then that the young noblewoman Ileosa Arvanxi entered Korvosan society from Cheliax. Aggressively courting the king, she convinced Eodred II to put aside his harem (temporarily) and take her as his wife. However, after several years of marriage she had produced no heir either and Eodred began to dally once more with various mistresses, much to Ileosa’s public dismay.

In AR 4707, as he watched his beautiful young wife drain the city’s treasury at an alarming rate, Eodred II chartered Sir Gyrad Tolgrith to open a landbound trade route into neighboring Nirmathas. The king hoped to eventually extend the route all the way to Cheliax, giving merchants an alternative to paying the excessive docking fees of the harbors and delivering gold directly into Korvosa’s treasury.

During his life, Eodred II promoted himself as the “Saffron King,” bringing wealth and trade to Korvosa, while his enemies called him the “Stirge King,” a leech who fattened himself at the expense of the city.
Ileosa, the Mad Queen

With Eodred’s mysterious death in AR 4708, the Crimson Throne passed to Ileosa. Though only an Arabasti by marriage, the family name could continue with her were she to escape the Curse of the Crimson Throne and produce an heir.
Venster, the Forgotten

It has also recently come to light that Queen Domina arrived in Korvosa with two adult sons, the eldest being the tiefling bastard Venster Arabasti, whose existence was kept secret from all but a select few. As a bastard and a fiend-touched, Venster was an embarrassment with only the thinnest of claims to the Crimson Throne. He was murdered shortly before his brother succumbed to the poison he and Ileosa had been administering.

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