House du'Bélvésire
House du'Bélvésire
Coat of Arms ?
Words By All Means
Seat Hightower
Current Patron Lord Balthazar du'Bélvésire
Region Kingdom of Coranthe
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord House Therosin
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder ?

House du'Bélvésire (doo-bell-VES-eer) was a major house of the Kingdom of Coranthe. They are closely tied with House Redletter and House Algol. Though not traditionally mages themselves, members of the house have been charged by the Kings of Coranthe to safeguard baleful magical artifacts and, if need be, destroy them.

Many generations ago, the house bloodline was cursed. They hold a dark reputation because of their words "By All Means", which says that the ends always justify the means.


The Rebellion

The du'Bélvésire Rebellion of 865 ARC occurred during the Years Without Light.


Later members


  • an amulet containing the soul of a cursed ancestor of House du'Bélvésire
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