House de'Foe
House de'Foe
Coat of Arms Sable, saltire gules,
a flaming sword
Words "Virtue is a fire"
Seat Flamehearth
Current Patron Lord Neill de'Foe
Region Kingdom of Ibben
Title(s) ?
Heir Milon de'Foe
Overlord House d'Avespeare
Cadet Branches House d'Valenta
House Chimère
Ancestral Weapon Gloryheart
Founder ?

House de'Foe is dedicated to House d'Avespeare and seen as their greatest bannermen. For the past four generations, the family has only begotten boys. No one knows why this may be.

Close ties with House Tursgart.

Table of Contents


  • Janys de'Foe; palatian and body guard of the d'Avespeare prince. twin brother to Jemos de'Foe.
  • Jemos de'Foe; twin brother to Janys de'Foe. Captain of the guard at Ibben major city.


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