House de'Chantfeu
House de'Chantfeu
Coat of Arms ?
Words "This World, Our World"
Seat Lindblum, Ilefain
Current Patron Stewart of Lindblum
Region Kingdom of Ilefain
Title(s) Guardian of the Holy Crown
Heir Arret of Lindblum
Overlord High Crown of Nora
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon Joyous
Founder Leon IV

House de'Chantfeu (dee shau'fuh) is the current royal house of Ilefain. It was founded by Archduke Leon IV by proclamation of the steward in 1037 NS, when the search for an heir to the previous d'Falaven Dynasty fell short. Currently, the most prominent member of the House de'Chantfeu is Stewart of Lindblum, the reigning Steward of Ilefain.

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