House d'Roux
House d'Roux
Coat of Arms Parted per cross argent
and azure; three lozenges Or
one and two
Words "Faith and Service"
Seat Temple, Ilefain
Current Patron Cervantes d'Roux
Region Erwynn
Title(s) ?
Heir Martin Lurange d'Roux
Overlord House of Valligan
Cadet Branches House of d'Roux of Jaress
Ancestral Weapon Vite (bow)
Founder ?

House d'Roux is a house of noble standing in Ilefain. The house is known for their influence within the walls of Temple and of their many title holders. They often take issue with the members of House d'Oresme.



More than a thousand years ago, House d'Roux once stood as the right hand of the King of Ilefain, a family of wealth, power, and absurdly large holdings throughout northern Ilefain. A d'Roux once sat in the governor’s seat in Jaress Prefecture. A d'Roux once led thousands in battle. A d'Roux negotiated the Treaty of the Elfwood, guaranteeing Ilefain a renewable source of druid-protected blackwood trees that would forever supply the kingdom with the ships built in Jaress’s famous National Naval Shipyards.

The d'Roux family’s power came to a close when a series of rival houses launched attacks on their holdings and wealth, and even went so far as to assassinate several of the House d'Roux patriarchs. In just a few short years the mighty d'Roux were reduced
to laughingstocks in the Jaresian social scene and were left with few possessions, even less gold, and no power at all. So the d'Roux family did what any self-respecting Fainish family does when left destitute: they turned to a life of organized crime.


Current Members

Other Members


House d'Roux of Jaress

A branch formed after Gentian d'Roux was denounced by the family and stripped of his title of bishop. He then fled to Jaress where he kept his family name but his noble status is in high question.

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