House d'Falaven
House d'Falaven
Coat of Arms ?
Words ?
Seat ?
Current Patron Nai-shi
Region ?
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord ?
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder Chasumas

House d'Falaven was a royal house founded by Chasumas, the Gnoll-Slayer sometime during the last years of the Aquarian Empire. During the Age of Kings, they remained only a minor noble family, but during the War Against the Darkness, Shaun III d'Falaven, patron of Arlys Genévrier, rose to prominence and was named King of Ilefain by Alexander. The dynasty accumulated several other holdings, building the Kingdom of Ilefain to its current glory. In total, forty-seven d'Falaven monarchs, including those belonging to cadet branches, ruled Ilefain from 1 NS until 1032 NS, when King Lucy III died in the Battle of Dwellych Forest.

A distinctive Fainish culture and art emerged during the early Falaven era, encouraged by some of the monarchs who were patrons of the "father of Fainish poetry", Robert Éttincell. There were also lasting developments in the social sector, such the development of common law and constitutional law. Political institutions such as the Lords Premier originate from House d'Falaven, as do educational institutions including The Astrid University of Classical Learning, the Yorik Wizarding Academy and The King's University.

Some of the Falaven kings were renowned as warriors: King Shaun VIII left his mark with a famous victory against the devils during the Second Hellgate War, while King Lucy III had famously distinguished himself in the Orcwars; now romanticised as an iconic figure in Fainish folklore.


First Dynasty

In 121 NS, Prince Harold founded the Yorik Wizarding Academy in Yorik, Brehr and became its first Headmaster.

Lucian Kings

Beginning with King Lucy I.

Call of the Suitors

Prince Mercadier d'Falaven, son of King Artian d'Falaven, was present to attempt to win the hand of High Princess Garnet VI in 463 NS.

Hellgate Wars

Shaun VIII was the King of Ilefain during the Hellgate Wars. He was renowned as a great warrior.



In 1372, a descendant of House d'Falaven was found and married to Ulrich Highwind. This union produced Odon d'Falaven VIII, the first to bear the name d'Falaven in three hundred years.

Cultural Impact

King Grimald I and his brother, Prince Harold considered knowledge as paramount. They were,

"The first of a new type of wise royal," according to Cade Summersong, "more interested in knowledge than royal power, who frequently appeared in the following three centuries and who was an indication of the growing impact of education and literacy on Fainish society."

First d'Falaven Dynasty
King Life
Shaun III ?
Shaun IV,
son of Shaun III
50 - 112
Grimald I,
son of Shaun IV
95 - 149
Grimald II,
son of Grimald I
118 - 151
Grimald III,
son of Grimald II
135 - 154
Shaun V,
son of Grimald II
138 - 156
Grimald IV,
cousin of Grimald II,
grandson of Shaun IV
111 - 160
Odon of Jaress,
elected King
132 - 170
Grimald V,
posthumous son
of Grimald II
151 - 201
younger brother to Odon
138 - 195
son-in-law to Reno
162 - 208
Shaun VI,
son of Grimald V
192 - 226
son of Shaun VI
213 - 258
Shaun VII,
son of Merrick
239 - 259
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