House d'Avespeare
House d'Avespeare
Coat of Arms Black tower on white
Words Fear and Wonder
Seat Castle Darkspire
Current Patron Lord Urien d'Avespeare
Kingdom Kingdom of Ibben
Title(s) Keeper of the Arcane
Sentry at the North Sea
Master of Darkspire
Heir Balan d'Avespeare
Cadet Branches House Falk
House Blackwatch
Ancestral Weapon Blackfire
Founder Sygarius the Lion

House d'Avespeare (da-VEE-spear) was the ruling house of the Kingdom of Ibben. They are of Aquarian Imperial descent, having been descended from Sygarius the Lion.

House d'Avespeare historically followed the Old Gods of Aquaria. Also, they continued to follow the Aquarian practice of incestuous marriage, wedding cousin to cousin, and uncle to niece, holding themselves apart from and above the other Noran houses.



Gift of Magic

The Whitestone affair

Urien's Sojourn


House d'Avespeare during the Four Brothers Era

Historic members


Houses sworn to House d'Avespeare

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