House Carrick
House Carrick
Coat of Arms ?
Words "Look for smoke"
Seat Greenstone Keep,
Fyr Firs
Current Patron Sieffre Carrick
Region Fyrcarrick County,
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord ?
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon Wolf Fang (spear)
Founder ?

House Carrick is a major noble family of Tir'Ein. They are a house of half elves.


The Winter Apple

In 1363, young Sandra was ill with a disease the clerics could not cure. They traveled to Freeburg, Vatharond and bought a white apple for 23,000 gil. This put the house in dire straits and a lot of debt. Sandra's disease was cured, but her father, Seiffre died some time later by mysterious circumstances.


  • Llwyd Carrick; (1197 - 1339), only son
    • Walter Carrick (b. 1226); House patron from 1322 til 1378 NS. Retired and handed the patronage to Sieffre.
    • Kendrick; sister of Walter
    • Chedeg; sister of Walter
    • Steven; half brother of Walter
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