House Caradoon
House Caradoon
Coat of Arms ?
Words Brace Fast
Seat ?
Current Patron Ushien Caradoon
Region ?
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord ?
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon ?
Founder Samular Caradoon

House Caradoon is a noble house founded by the legendary Samular Caradoon, who also founded the Knights of Samular. Samular was awarded knighthood due to his bravery during the Second Troll War.

Samular's brother, Renwick Caradoon, was a famous wizard who fought alongside his brother.

Summit Hall was established long ago as a fortified
monastery by the Knights of Samular, an order
dedicated to Tyr, god of justice. A paladin of Tyr named
Samular Caradoon founded the order and its monastery.
A tomb within the monastery contains Samular’s
remains as well as the phylactery of his brother,
Renwick Caradoon, who dwells in the Sacred Stone
Monastery (see “Haunted Keeps” above) as a lich.

The third of the Haunted Keeps of the Sumber Hills,
the Sacred Stone Monastery is where the lich Renwick
Caradoon chose to make his home, discouraging other
monsters from settling nearby. The former keep has
been reborn as the Sacred Stone Monastery, now home
to a reclusive order of mysterious monks (actually earth
cultists in disguise) who spend their days in meditation
and rigorous exercises of self-discipline.
Few people in the area have heard of the Sacred
Stone order. No one in the region knows the truth: the
monastery now serves as the surface headquarters of
the Black Earth cult and guards access to the unholy
vaults of the Temple of Black Earth below.

Hundreds of years ago, Renwick was a hero of some
renown and the brother of Samular Caradoon, the
founder of the Knights of Samular. The two of them
fought bravely in the second Troll War. Renwick’s
hunger for arcane knowledge eventually led him to
prepare for lichdom, but he became a lich only because
his brother fed him a lichdom potion on the battlefield
rather than let him die. The Black Earth cult naturally
tried to make an ally of Renwick, but he ignored them.
Hellenrae and her monks make a point of leaving him to
his own devices.

Renwick doesn’t attack intruders. If he believes the
characters are Black Earth cultists, he says, “I have
already told you no. Depart.” If confronted by characters
he believes aren’t cultists, he says, “I am not your
enemy. Now go.” If the characters provoke him, he
provides fair warning: “In a moment I will fill this room
with deadly poisonous gas. You should leave now.” If
attacked without warning, Renwick uses time stop,
then casts cloudkill before taking his leave. (The lich
has time stop prepared instead of power word kill. His
list of prepared spells is otherwise the same as the lich
presented in the Monster Manual.)

Samular’s Empty Tomb. At the east end of the crypt
stands a magnificent but empty stone sarcophagus,
carved in the image of a noble human knight with a long
white beard. An inscription carved across the front of
the sarcophagus reads: “Here Lies Samular Caradoon,
Defender of the North.” The lich prepared the tomb long
ago, foreseeing the day when he could abscond with his
brother’s body (currently interred with the Knights of
Samular in Summit Hall).

Lady Ushien Stormbanner (female Tethyrian human
knight of Tyr) oversees Summit Hall. Veterans, many of
them scarred and grim, train novices and instruct them
in the moral “Rule of the Knights” (an extensive series
of “in this situation, a knight shall do this” guidelines).
Life here is very regimented. The occupants of Summit
Hall grow their own food and keep perpetual watch over
nearby lands. They are always ready for battle, and fully
armed and armored if encountered outside their walls.

Summit Hall is home to about a dozen Knights of
Samular, an order of long-suffering Tyr worshipers who
have been reenergized by their god’s return. They host
another dozen young aspirants-in-training, and about
fifteen servants and artisans to help maintain the place.
The most senior knight is a human woman of sixty
years named Ushien Stormbanner, an ally of the Order
of the Gauntlet. Ushien is happy to meet with any
adventurers that turn up on her doorstep. She tells
the characters that the delegates from Mirabar never
showed up at Summit Hall, and that her warriors
searched the area and didn’t find them (both true).
The Golden Mask. If any of the characters mention

The Golden Mask. If any of the characters mention
monks in golden masks or show Lady Ushien the mask
of the monk from the cairn in the Dessarin Road site,
Ushien recognizes it. She can tell the characters that
the masks are worn by the monks of the Sacred Stone
order. She doesn’t know much about them, but she can
tell the characters that the monks have taken over one
of the old Haunted Keeps. She provides directions to the
Sacred Stone Monastery.

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