House Algôl
House Algôl
Coat of Arms Gules, sun sable
Words We are demons
Seat Gorgonstone
Current Patron Lord Harlan Algôl
Region Kingdom of Brehr
Title(s) Shield of the South
Slayers of Gorgonstone
the Demon Star
Heir Yrag Algôl
Overlord House Sollyn
Cadet Branches ?
Ancestral Weapon Vorpal (shotel)
Founder ?

House Algôl is one of the major houses of the Kingdom of Brehr. They are closely tied with House du'Bélvésire. They are loremasters and often have a love for learning, often taking positions as godsworn and maesters. However, the house has a reputation for hating magic and burning mages at the stake.



The founder of House Algôl defeated a medusa in single combat with a magic sword given to him by the gods.

Siege of Gorgonstone

Caeden Algol was discovered to be practicing devil worship, performing the animation of the dead and the creation of evil artifacts. Gorgonstone was marched on and laid siege to. At first, all of House Algol was unified in defense against Brehr, but Yrag and Wyard saw no redemption or chance of surrender with their father and chose to kill him within the Great Hall of Gorgonstone. Wyard was mortally wounded in the fight. Harlan and Yrag opened the gates and were pardoned from any crimes.


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