The horse is a hooved mammal used for riding and pulling.


  • Courser; a light warhorse
  • Destrier; a heavy warhorse
  • Rounsey; an all purpose horse

True horse breeds

  • Ahern Pony; Rare Magebred, Blue, predators do not attack, long lived, black eyes Rouncey. Not actually a pony.
  • Ibbish Coshmar; A horse breed designed through magebreeding to rigor the harsh Ibbish landscape. They are particularly resistant to the choking fumes of Vrajiganula. Ibben Uncommon Magebred, Immune to wasteland fumes Rouncey
  • Esgych Rouncey; Tir’Ein Common Smart, long lived, spotted Rouncey
  • Goth Fennric; Also called the March Horse. Tough, large and fast. Bred in Gothsend. Destrier, uncommon.
  • l’Feiverai Courser; Rare Magebred, shining, cannot become undead Courser
  • Gaiden Courser; Caer Llygaid Uncommon Loyal, stamina, perceptive Courser
  • Homestead Rouncey; Very Common Common Rouncey
  • Marbré du'Norecer; Also called the Emeric Horse and the du'Norecer Charger. Rare Fearless, white Courser
  • Merreonir Destrier; Ilefain and Vatharond Common Strong, loyal, stamina, graceful and nimble for their size Destrier
  • Peikkolapsian Rouncey; Also called the Dragon Horse. Uthmurk Rare Magebred, Dragonblooded, antlered, spell storing, extra long tail Rouncey
  • Provian Rouncey; Canstice Common Silent, nocturnal, smart, striped Rouncey
  • Fainish Quintal; Ilefain Common beautiful, golden, well behaved, gentle Courser
  • Scymperian Courser; Scymperia Uncommon Handsome, orange, long mane Courser
  • Calorian Trotter; The fastest horse breed in Nora. Vitezza Uncommon Fast, small, jumper Courser

Horse-like creatures

  • Asperi: Unlike typical horses, asperis are intelligent magical beasts. They live in the permanent cold of remote mountain peaks, where they gallop across the glaciers and through the frigid skies. By catching prevailing winds and flying with them, asperis can move even faster through the skies than their normal flying speed permits. Their ability to “ride the wind” in this way has earned them the common name of wind steeds.
  • Cauchemar: The cauchemar is a more dangerous variant of the nightmare, particularly valued for its ability to enter the Ethereal Plane with its rider in addition to being able to use plane shift to invade other realities.
  • Celestial charger; celestial unicorns
  • Donkey
  • Dragon Horse: Despite their name, dragon horses are not related to dragons. These noble creatures gain their name from their ability to fly through the air without wings and to create different effects with their misty breath.
  • Dragonnel: Dragonnels are powerful, graceful creatures often bred and trained as steeds for mighty paladins and knights. Though relatively simpleminded for dragons, they are fiercely loyal to their masters.
  • Hippogriff
  • Hoary steed
  • Karkadann: Karkadanns roam the barren and wind-swept deserts of the world where their deep bellows can be heard for miles. Their solitary horns have led many to assume that they are a breed or variant of unicorn, but karkadanns bristle at that claim.
  • Kirin: Kirin are a race of air creatures who make their life among the clouds and wind currents, rarely touching the ground. They are lords of the upper realms, commanding the elements and creatures of the airy heights, and embody the forces of goodness and fortune. When visible, the kirin appears as a large equine creature with a golden fiery mane, blazing hooves and a single horn, much like a unicorn’s, protruding from its forehead.
  • Mule
  • Nightmare: Nightmares are flaming harbingers of death. They allow only the most evil of creatures to ride them, and are never mere mounts, but rather willing partners in destruction.
  • Pegasus
  • Sleipnir: Sleipnirs are a legendary breed of magical, eight legged horses. Most sleipnirs have jet-black coats and long, f lowing manes and tails, though occasionally a sleipnir foal is born with a white or shimmering silver coat. Such rare sleipnirs sometimes display additional abilities beyond those of their darker kin. A typical sleipnir stands 6 to 7 feet tall at the shoulder, measures about 12 feet long, and weighs upward of 1,600 pounds.
  • Unicorn
  • Xanthos: A xanthos is a strange creature, part equine, part reptile. Bred as mounts by a long- dead race of alien plane-jumping explorers, xanthoi have a remarkable intelligence and the ability to teleport themselves and their riders over long distances. The race that created xanthoi has since died off or left for remote destinations, and the remaining xanthoi have lost many of their former powers, but they still have a driving need to explore worlds and planes. Xanthoi are omnivores but can survive on vegetable matter.
  • Zebra
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