Holy Order

A Holy Order is a group of individuals, or lineage of communities, who are set apart by the church for a special role, ministry or religious devotion, usually characterized by the principles of its founder's religious practice.. Normally, a holy order has an established civil body with a hierarchy within the workings of an established church. In the Church of Light non-ordained members of holy orders are not members of the hierarchy but belong to the Laity.

Admittance to a holy order is regulated not only by Church law and the religious Rule it has adopted but also by its own norms. Broadly speaking, after a lengthy period to test their vocation with a particular order, candidates wishing to be admitted permanently are required to make a public profession of the holy order's tenets and values, usually consisting of chastity, poverty and obedience, and confirm this by a vow that is binding in Church law. One of the effects of this vow is that members of most holy orders are no longer free to marry; and should they subsequently want to leave the order, they would have to seek permission from the Church administration.

Since each and every religious order has its own unique aim, or charism, it has to adhere to a particular way of religious living that is conducive to it, whether "contemplative", "enclosed", mendicant, or apostolic. Thus some holy orders – especially of monks – strictly isolate their members from the outside world. Other religious orders have edicts that require their members to interact practically with the secular world, such as teaching, medical work, producing religious artworks and texts, designing and making vestments and writing religious instruction books, while maintaining their distinctiveness in communal living. Several founders, in view of their aim, require the members of their order not only to profess chastity, poverty, obedience, but also to vow or promise stability or loyalty, and maybe certain disciplines, such as self-denial, fasting, silence.

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