Hodun Necromancy

Hodun Necromancy, also called Rootwork, is a form of necromantic magic tradition that originated from the halfling islands of Nicoboa. It combines traditions of traditional halfling magic with Noran necromantic culture. Their undead minions are usually extremely large and lumber forth into battle with great fury.

The practice is outlawed by both Nicoboa and Nora, but still practitioners still operated in underground cells in the Nicoboan Islands, Salvatore, Allure, Brehr and Levetiera.

Many inhabitants of Nicoboa deny their existence, be it form the the necromancer's reclusiveness or the mere fact that people do not want to believe in these ritualistic inhabitants that will raise the dead from their graves. Through ritualistic and sacrificial ceremonies, the Necromancers access their magic and summon hulking undead minions.


Hodun Kings

The tradition is lead by Hodun Kings who preside over ceremonial meetings and ritual dances. They also earn an income by crafting charms, amulets, and magical powders guaranteed to cure ailments, grant desires, and confound or destroy one’s enemies.


Hodun necromancers often keep company with large snakes as guardians and pets. The snake is sacred to their tradition and they see the Yuan-ti race as suitable allies, as they often work together towards common goals.

Body Modification

Hodun also employ body modification as an expression of their magical power. The higher the piercing or tattoo on the body, the greater their power and influence. Men usually wear unholy tattoos that sometimes act as their spellbooks and the women usually have piercings.

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