History of Noran land law

History of Noran land law traces the history of land ownership through the different kingdoms from the Aquarian Empire, through the Severing War.

Aquarian Empire

Definitions of what is considered citizenry (in a home nation, as well as other nations) were defined. Also defined was who was and was not protected under state law. Intelligent monsters were not considered protected.

Post Empire

The beginnings of Feudalism began with the slow deterioration of the Aquarian Empire. Private ownership was largely absent.

  • land could be freely given, transferred or abandoned.
  • equal partition of the estate of a deceased among the sons, and failing sons among the daughters;
  • cultivation to a great extent by persons in various degrees of serfdom, owing money or labour rents;
  • variety of custom, tending to become uniform, through the application of the same principles in the local courts;
  • subjects were required to take part in the building and repair of buildings and bridges, as well as serving in a lord's militia, a burden imposed for the purpose of defence of the realm.

Four Brothers Era

Serfdom and feudalism were in full effect.

Dark Empire

Many pastures open for common use were becoming seized by the empire, homes destroyed.

Age of Alexander

Alexander reformed land laws and the rights of the common citizen. Serfdom was replaced by tenancy, all citizens of Nora were declared free. However, a provision was put in so that if a citizen wished to enter freely into serfdom, they may do so.


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