History of Nora

A History of Nora is an upcoming video series.

Table of Contents


  1. The Creation
  2. Ages of Wonder and War
  3. The Aquarian Empire
  4. The Moonfall
  5. Four Brothers Era
  6. Age of Kings
  7. The Dark Empire
  8. The Twilight Wars
  9. The Hellgate Wars
  10. The Deathsong Plague
  11. The Orcwars
  12. The Time of Mist
  13. Tieflings and the Doloshan Gün
  14. Dragonborn and Viresia
  15. Dwarves and Untergrund
  16. Septimus Tremanus
  17. St Lydia
  18. Pennynold Alexander


  • Yrag Greyhawk: General history
  • Cade Summersong: Legendary personages and noble houses
  • History and information of cities
  • Magical history and the planes
  • Religion and gods
  • Bestiaries, herbology and cuisine
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