History of Lorasia

The history of Lorasia has witnessed intermittent periods of competition and cooperation between the people that occupy the various parts of Cannok, Charlock, Moonbrook, Rhone, and the smaller adjacent islands, which together make up Lorasia.

Today, Lorasia contains nine sovereign states: Davan, Edragan, Falrod, Garland, Lukrod, Thade, Thurgin, Treman, and wessen. The history of Lorasia is very complex.

Early firearms invented 500 years ago

Metal casing bullets invented 150 years ago

Steamjacks invented 100 years ago.

Age of Wonder

Ancient Races

  • Dragonborn (called Dragovians)
  • Minotaurs

Fomorians burst from the ground

Warlord Era

Rise of Charlock

see Kingdom of Charlock

First Human Migration

When the undead invasion known as the Onslaught ravaged Nora (c2,200 PI), many people were pushed north and sailed over the Green Sea to Lorasia to find a new life.

Lead by the mythical princess Thanlaed, granddaughter of mythical priest-king Lumat. Her son became Lorik of the Hundred Isles.

Firbolg Invasion

see Firbolg

Two divisions, each lead by mythic kings. They create kingdoms which last for hundreds of years. Nine mythic kings.

Thousand Cities Era

see Thousand Cities Era

Charlock defeated

Tremain brings magic to Lorasia

Between c1,190 PI and c1,090 PI, Tremanus traveled to Lorasia in the Arbehd Mountains. There he founded to base philosophy of the Aeonus.

Aquarian Invasion

Defeating the Fir Bolgs and settling Cannock.

Second Human Migration

After the rise of the Aquarian Empire, another migration took to Lorasia, mostly from the region of Caltirech (c950 PI).

Eladrin Invasion

After the fall of Tir Maith, the remnants of that kingdom fled north to Lorasia.

Founding of Edragan

Rise of Treman

see Treman


In 692 PI, one of the two moons fell from the sky to the south. From this, the sky turned black and the sun was not seen for years. It seemed the end of the world until seventeen years later (675 PI) when the sky cleared and hope was restored.

Halflings come to Lorasia

Age of the Athykian Empire (? - c900 NS)

The Athykian drow were anti-mechanikal and saw human technology as a threat. They destroyed any machines and mechanikal writings they found.

Iron Rebellion

Deathsong Plague

In 877 NS, a horrid plague swept over Lorasia killing 35% of the population.

Age of Iron (c900 NS - current)

Lukrod founded

Beginning of the Iron Wars

Democracy in the Iron Kingdoms

Empyreon silenced

Edragan closes its borders


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