Hella is one of the six Devils of Truth from the Order of Praavda. She is associated with the emotion of Desire.


Encounter at Elby

Hella was first encountered by Ranita Riverchild while she was imprisoned by the enlightened in Elby. Hella approached Ranita in her cell to inform her that Ranita's friends were coming to rescue her. She acted surprised when Ranita wild shaped into an eagle, though apparently knew she had the capability.

Ranita escaped and clawed Hella's face, but the wounds closed fast. Hella chased Ranita out of the gaol and into the streets where Sangar, Leonid and Merrium were located, attempting to rescue Ranita. Hella, engulfed in her own hellfire, shot scorching rays at the group as they fought their way over the walls of the city. Before leaping over the walls, Sangar asked Hella her name via an arcane message. The group escaped as Hella's fire caused the guard tower to explode and Hella vowing to meet them again.

Encounter at Zuffels

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