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Aliases ?
Size Small Town
Location Aeqabeldor, Ten Horns
Ruler ?
Population 17,000
Exports ?

Hawthorne is a river city in Ten Horns along the Gwenith River. Streets laid out in a grid.

presence of house of hawthorne; also home to hawthorne trees in prominance; explosives; liberal city; halfling population; halfling festivals and culture; wrestling; boxing; maybe at the confluence of two rivers and crossroads. transportation town.


Early history

Originally a village of river halfling families, the settlement was fostered by the House of Hawthorne to allow easier trade to and from Alexandria up and down the Gwenith River.


Features and Events

  • Postal Office
  • Annual long distance horse race
  • Old town hall
  • New town hall


Town Council

Trading Companies

Halfling Posses

Children of Chaos


drugs; high crime, lots of murder; underground fight club;

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