Hand of Mortath
The Hand of Mortath

The Hand of Mortath is a magical artifact created by the lich Fauk Rendseur. It was given to the drow wizard Mortath as a punishment for his ill conceived plans to conquer the world. The Hand is an mithril gauntlet with the power to spread shadow over light and allow the drow to blot out the sun in a cloud of darkness. However, the Hand also bears a curse bringing doom upon the wearer. After the death of Mortath, the Hand was thought to be lost to the ages, but was actually hidden away by the deep dragon Dei in Moro.

The Hand of Mortath was the object of quarry for many people during the first year of the Severing War. Sought out by drow and adventurer alike, the Hand eventually fell into the grasp of the drow vampire, Ail. Not realizing the curse until it was too late, the vampire gave the Hand to the wizard Ke'Vadar, who expediently then handed it over to its creator, Rendseur.

It is now kept in the bowls of Rendseur's tower, Deathkeep, where it is guarded.




see The Hand of the Drow Saga


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