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Aliases ?
Size Large City
Location Ten Horns
Ruler ?
Population 15,800
Exports ?

Hammerstock is a small city on the outer area of Ten Horns. It is in the north east outreaches of the territory, about one hundred miles from Alexandria.

The city is divided into four quarters, Center Hill, Littleton, College Town and Owlsmeadow. It is home to a very old cathedral, the Hammerthorn. Also two noble manors lie here.

Hammerstock is known as the location of the Crown Military Academy. The town, academy and the surrounding villages are often nicknamed "The Hills". The game of tug-of-war is played often by the townsfolk.

A list of Public Houses (Inns):

  • Bird in Hand, The
  • Dukes Head, The
  • Eight Arms
  • Fox and Hound, The
  • Good Swanmay, The
  • Jolly Hammer, The
  • Strongbows' Farm
  • Sun and Crown, The
  • Village Inn, the

Hammerstock is also home to a cult that thrives no matter the precaution. It is said the cult goes so deep, the mayor is a part of it and most of the city guard.

home to Hugues Hawthorne. home to an artifact that is damaged and non-fuctional; home to many famous artists, site of an important event during age of alexander; large wizard tower, city colors is blue and gold; home to many medical discoveries; riots over elven race relations; famous clothier store; situated on a riverside, a few notable and old bridges, notable elvish population; large lgbt brothel / bar / safehaven; many of the town's inhabitants speak multiple languages; notable accent of the city, described as tough; local brewery famous for ale; city famous for availability of devilweed. there is an undercurrent of crime and a thieves guild; home to a chapter of the order of illumination; undercity; home to a wonder which is a gift from the elves; population boom due to severing war

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The city grew in the Kingdom of Otland during the Age of Kings.

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