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Aliases ?
Size Large City
Location ?
Ruler Earl Irmantas Alija
Population ?
Exports ?

Hamerstoc was one of the two largest cities in the fertile region of Rostland in northern Otland during the Age of Kings. It was known as the Free City of Hamerstoc, but it was allied with Otland.

Earl Irmantas Alija lead the city, which was a trade and cultural center that bordered the Stolen Lands. Alija was not from any of the noble families, which allowed the inhabitants to keep the memories of the Alija Swordlords and times before Woad the Conqueror alive.

As the birthplace of the Alija dueling style, the city boasted several dueling schools, which led to the city being a favored place for young nobles to practice dueling championships. A large amount of duelists came to the city from Rostland after Woad the Conqueror united Otland.

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