Half Elf

Half elves are one of the major races of Nora. They are considered to have elf blood.

One of the few things known about the shi-imti-civilization was that early in its history it briefly warred against the elven tribes. This war stirred an emergence of aberrations that caused the Shi’imti and the elves to unite and slay the eldritch horrors. Although the Shi’imti retreated back to their own doings, some humans stayed with the elves and this directly caused the creation of a new race, the half-elves.

Half-elves are a true breeding race that are loved by the elves and, at worst, tolerated by humans. They mostly live throughout Tir'Ein and the northern parts of Ilefain and Vatharond but can be found anywhere. In fact, there is a high population of half-elves in Aeros, Canstice.

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During the Age of Kings in Ilefain, many eladrin were immigrating from the north. There was a law that stated any man could sleep with an eladrin woman of his choice. This lead to a population explosion of half elves.

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