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Grimharath (giant: Grímaherað), is a dark land east of the Wyrmspires. It is populated by oni and other types of evil creatures.

Few of the civilized races dare to test its borders. Their connection with Nora is limited to a beneficial business relationship with an organization, who set up mercenary contracts between the inhabitants of Grimharath and the outside world.

Grimharath has vast mines of pit-forged obsidian and also the strange sky-metal, Byeshk.


The original name for the kingdom, once tainted, was Grímaherað, meaning kingdom of night in the giant language. The dwarves of Untergrund called the eastern land Eythimork, meaning dark desolation in an archaic form of the dwarven language. After the coming of the Black Lotus, Yinjian (陰間) became a popular term, used by many oni.


Dwarven Kingdom of Vytheryord

see Vytheryord

During the Südhaupt Period (c2,600 – 1847 PI), the dwarven kingdom of Vytheryord was founded.

Rise of the Oni

A civil war occured. A cabal of dwarves began to summon and command oni. However, the powerful oni lords grew out of control and began to enslave the dwarven warlocks. These warlocks became the Duergar.

Some oni were entombed but eventually the power of the oni grew too strong and they drove out the dwarves.

Tiefling Wars

see Tiefling Wars

c1,727 PI

The Black Lotus

between 692 - 503 PI


The Oni have begun to change the nature of Grimharath; using their wits, magic and the strength of their troll and ogre forces to forge the region into a semblance of a nation. Roads have been constructed to link the major communities, and a tenuous spirit of cooperation has taken hold between the varied monstrous inhabitants. You can find harpies, ogres, orcs and more wandering the same streets, going about their own business, at least in the major cities. Outside of the cities life is still largely split along racial lines. Most of Grimharath is divided between warlords loyal to the oni, and in these places the strong rule the weak. Due to the relatively low intelligence of a lot of physically imposing races, this keeps much of the nation fairly primitive. The Oni intervene only against major threats such as battles between monsters communities, raids on caravans, or anything else that would jeopardize their attempts to be formally recognized by the other nations, result in significant property damage or multiple deaths. Lesser crimes are mostly ignored, unless a warlord takes personal offense. A rare few look at law with a more sophisticated view. Within their personally governed domain the Oni enforce stricter rules, ensuring even the weaker citizens (such as kobolds and goblins) lead relatively good lives. The government is a form of despotic feudalism: the most powerful warlords give tribute to the Oni and in return they rule sections of Grimharath. The tribute is paid in gold, goods, soldiers or laborers.

Most warlords see that the Oni are shaping Grimharath into a greater power than any of them could have done alone, so they begrudgingly accept their rule. The nation remains volatile however, as the hags do little to stop minor feuds, assassinations and coups from taking place.



Also the Elemental Mages live there; ogre mage like creatures. They are only male, but may breed with either ogres or oni.










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