Gremlins are a particularly unpleasant, type of evil fey most commonly found living within the depths of the Darklands. They are loathed by most creatures for their dark and sadistic sense of humour, their malicious and often deadly pranks, and their general mischievousness that always results in either injury or damage to a creature or its property.

Gremlins find simple pranks to be the best. Some favorites are: tripping people at the top of a darkened stairwell; blowing out a party’s torches just before an encounter with a monster; giving false or inaccurate information by pretending to be the voice of a magic mirror or some other object; removing arrowheads from their shafts; and drinking up all the lantern oil a party may be carrying.


Gremlins range between one and three feet in height, with the smaller gremlins generally having a stronger connection to the First World of the fey. Apart from their similar size, the appearance of the different types of gremlin vary hugely from insect-like to canine, though all are at least vaguely humanoid. Each type of gremlin has a unique ability which they use to wreak havoc on the world: from tinkering with magic items, to causing their opponents incredible bouts of bad luck.

Species of Gremlin

While there are doubtlessly many, many more types of gremlins, the most commonly known ones are the: fuath, grimple, jinkin, mites, nuglub, pugwampi, and vexgit.

Habitat & Society

Their preferred habitat is the Darklands, where they can be found inhabiting the smallest tunnels, especially in places where the dimensional walls between our world and the First World grow thin. They also enjoy living close to the surface, so that they can creep into cities and towns at night to wreak their unique brand of sadistic mischief.

Gremlins tend to worship archdevils or demon lords, depending on their race.

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