Green Warder

A Green Man (elven: Deiliog), also known as a Green Warder, guards the secrets of elven woods, sending intruders stumbling randomly through the forest until the warders' masters can deal with them as they please.


Emperors of the wood and lords of all growing things, green wardens are the royalty of intelligent plants. They inherit their powers, each growing from the seed of a previous green warden that has died.

Green wardens have the power to shape living plants and cause dead wood to grow. They often live in great trees that they have transformed into woodland palaces. The landscape surrounding such dwellings is carefully tended and arranged to present a harmonious natural beauty.

Green wardens guard their domains from the ravages of civilization and the dangers of the natural world. These territories are often wonderlands that preserve all of nature's bounty in areas untouched by fire or frost. Although such wild areas are beautiful and blessed with plentiful game, most creatures avoid them, since only intelligent plants and fey can expect a friendly reception from a green warden. Despite their dangerous reputations, however, their in-depth understanding of the natural world and their detailed knowledge of their lands make green wardens valuable resources for those brave enough to parley with them.

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Green warders look like 7-foot-tall elves made of bushes and leaves. They are quite light, weighing only 70 or 80 pounds despite their height. Their limbs are of solid wood, and their arms are lined with large thorns that function as claws. When well maintained, green warders are pruned to resemble specific elven personages, or else they wear fanciful headdresses. When left to their own devices, green warders grow bushy and scraggly, a state they prefer, though they would not admit this. They have limited personalities and speak Elvish and at least a few words of Common.


Green warders attempt to avoid combat, using their abilities to raise alarms for other defenders while confusing intruders and causing them to sleep. If trapped, they will defend themselves with their sharp-edged arms, but will flee at the first opportunity. Under normal circumstances, they will not harm sleeping foes or attack confused creatures. Firm orders from a master who wanted a warder to kill a helpless foe might convince one to vary from its usual programming, but most warders are too placid to take such orders seriously, leaving bloodshed for other creatures.

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