Greatstaff Island

Greatstaff Island (elven Ynys Gadarnbaladr) is a large island in the western reaches of the Bluog Seirff Sea. It is the famous site of Gadanbalad, the world tree. The island is a lush forest untouched by corruption, ancient and strong. It is surrounded by tall mountains, sheltering it from the outside world.

The island is sacred to elves and doubly so to the elven druidic society, the Old Path, who take the guardianship of Gadanbalad very seriously. While the Old Order dislikes non-elves, druids of all races are welcome to the island so long as they remain respectable and honor the spirits of the island.

The island is home to more than elves, as a large tribe of norkers and a race of creatures called the tulgar have resided here for countless years. Also it is home to Edarshirrar, an ancient earthquake dragon.

Also a great evil is sealed under the island, kept imprisoned by the roots of Gadanbalad.

Once home to a race of winged elves, though the race is now extinct due to a cataclysmic event.


Winged Elves

The Cataclysm

Discovery by the druids


Yn Cysgu Grove

This is the sacred grove of Elder the Second. He is known to retreat into this grove and not be seen for many years. It is an ancient underground fortress, with passages and caves containing the living and working chambers for the druid of the Old Path. The dome in the center of the hill holds the inner chamber, where only Elder goes.

It is said that it was from this location that the whole of the world was formed.

Brysur's Hollow

see Brysur

Although home to the ancient creature, Brysur is rarely found here. Instead, it is kept by the kind elven druid, Cader Saith.


see Gadanbalad

Lake Leuadthrych

There are tales of a sunken city under its waters, but none have braved them to see.


The only settlement of any size on the island. The residents are very cautious of whom they let enter the village. Orcs are not allowed under any circumstances, and anyone smelling of arcane magic is likewise turned away. Those allowed entry find Nosaberfa hospitable, though a subdued and even eerie place. Elves run the inns, taverns, and shops, and their way of life is rooted in nature. This spiritual heritage manifests in many small ways that foreigners may find unsettling — from how the buildings are constructed to mesh with the surrounding woods to a wildness that seems to lurk just beneath a quiet demeanor.

Spiriteye Hold

Spiriteye Hold is inhabited by Spiriteye Tulgar. The Hold is a stone structure built within the mountain. It is a vast and rambling place, rumored to run deep into the slopes of the mountains. No one knows for sure how big it is, since the tulgar keep their secrets dear. Corrupted dryads and demons wander the depths. Wise travelers would bypass the site entirely.

Tav Hellgate

Valley of Ancient Winds

This valley is known for its variety of herbs and plants which have a variety of uses, from nigh-indestructible thread to healing balms.

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