Golems are an amalgam of several types of magically created constructs. They are tough, fearsome combatants with incredible defenses. Although they move like living creatures, they are merely animated objects, giving them several advantages and disadvantages in battle. As constructs, golems are innately immune to a number of attacks; among these are mind-altering, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease and death effects as well as most spells. They never tire, get confused or distracted and possess both low-light and darkvision. Because they are mindless, golems lack much in the way of creativity and initiative.

The creator of a Golem, known as a Maestro, has control over the creature. Due to the process involved in creating a Golem, in which an elemental is bound against its will into the Golem's body, the control of certain golems has a chance of being voided in proportion to the length of time that it is used in combat.

When a golem of a more expensive material is made - such as adamantine or mithral - it is originally made using a cheaper metal - usually iron - and then polymorphed, usually via a Wish spell.

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